Rice’s associates are Rice faculty, staff, and Houston community members that, while they don’t live at Rice like Magisters or RAs, still want to have a strong connection to the residential colleges. At Brown, our associates include professors, an RUPD officer, Rice Admissions staff, a track coach, and a construction enthusiast who built Brown the world’s greatest Beer Bike chug tower, just to name a few!


The reason why we have the associate program is because forming a connection with these professionals will be tremendously valuable throughout your college career and beyond. Our associates provide a tremendous opportunity for networking and sage advice on your career and life that will be invaluable to you. While it can be hard to approach professionals for these things, associates apply to Brown because they want to get to know and help us however they can, and their expertise is available to utilize.


To facilitate making these relationships, Brown has an Associates Committee that plans events to integrate associates with the college and students further. Events range from informal servery lunches to dinners at associates’ houses to career panels. A particular favorite event is the biannual Associates Night, where the whole college dresses up in formal attire and joins the associates in the commons for a night of feasting and entertainment.


The Associates Program is something incredibly unique to Rice, and it’s something we should take full advantage of. Our associates have been carefully chosen to come participate in our community and they’re all wonderful people. So, if you see someone older sit down at your table at Brown during meals, introduce yourself! Getting to know your associates will benefit you not only as a college student, but each conversation helps prepare you for the world beyond.



The Associates program is a program established to foster and maintain relations between the current students of Brown College and the Associates of Brown College. The Associates of Brown College consist of various Brown Alumni, Rice faculty, and members from the greater Houston community. Every residential college at Rice University has their individual Associates program through which Rice students may have opportunities to access social networks, mentors, and life­long friends. This program presents a unique opportunity for students to be exposed to people that they may otherwise never come in contact with during the course of their years in college. The Associates program is yet another aspect that reflects the deeply ingrained culture of care and unconventional resources that Rice University provides to its students.