Welcome New Students!

16. July 2016 Uncategorized 0
New Brownies: aye yo what’s good??? I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you not only to Rice, but also to the best residential college on campus! I speak on behalf of all of Brown when I say that we are beyond ecstatic to finally get to meet y’alls beautiful faces (seriously though, I’m ...

Under Construction!

13. June 2016 Uncategorized 0
Under Construction!
Hey Brown! In the midst of my busy summer schedule of watching Game of Thrones, sleeping, eating food, sleeping with food, and working at my internship (during which I spend 90% of my time on Reddit and/or BuzzFeed and 15% of my time eating more food #RecruitersComeAtMe), the titillating task of creating this website anew has been bestowed upon ...