Whether it’s someone in your O-Week group, a friend, or a roommate who is celebrating their birthday, this person must be soaked in the sacred waters of the Fairy Fountain to ensure good luck and success over the next year. Whether it be at midnight or at lunch, we are sure to get the birthday boy or girl and make sure they get in the fountain. Sometimes this involves a long, intense chase, but other times it works out as a quiet ambush. Afterwards, the best of friends are always there to get a hug from the wet birthday boy or girl.12593530_1059184560771582_1534343052899390598_o 

Brown Defense:

Baker 13 has its fun all year, but on the Halloween Run, Brown College has had enough. We won’t take the injustice of shaving cream on our windows and walls. Instead, we build barricades and bombard the runners with water balloons as they try to infiltrate our home. Brown is known for having one of the largest and most elaborate Defenses, and we are proud of it!


13041435_1082701241753247_1754565273476013235_oBrown Day:

Brown Day typically occurs at the end of the year, and is a festival to celebrate Brown! In the past, this event has included therapy dogs, caricature artists, music featuring the Maggie Brown Band, food for ages, and the annual class picture! It’s always a great day to celebrate being a Brownie.


Holiday Floor Decorations:

Holiday Decorations are a great way to exhibit holiday spirit! Nothing says “Holidays” like coming together as a floor to make your home the swaggiest in all the Tower. During the decoration contest, you can see floors turn TV’s into digital fireplaces, make Naughty&Nice lists, and even unanimous lack-of-participation.



At the beginning of the year, all the floors are equal. But after Floorlympics, one floor will dominate all others. Floorlympics is a great exhibition of Brown’s floor culture. Each floor comes down in their own special jerseys(shirts/tanks), and we compete in watermelon eating, juice pong, volleyball, tug of war, and cheer battles. Nothing brings the Brown community together more than a bit of floor rivalry.

College Night:

While every college has college nights, Brown’s are whole College Weeks. The creative themes we have each time are supplemented by movie nights, scavenger hunts, and more throughout the week which finally leads to a great big Friday in the Quad!

Brown Skate:12308053_1004669866223052_6336696620722508432_o

Break out your inner figure skater and come to Brown Skate! For a night, Brownies take over the ice skating rink at the Galleria and we can have fun! It’s a great way to bond with other Brownies either as a clumsy novice or an experienced pro.



What’s college without a toga party? Incomplete.

Brown makes sure your Rice experience is a complete college one by hosting Bacchanalia, an evening to rival the parties of Olympus! You have all year to learn how to tie a toga and personalize it, so you better be ready. Past themes have included BacchaNOLA, Waka-Flocka-nalia, and more. Get hyped for this April evening when Brown shows how it gets down.

Friday in the Quad

The week can often be hard, and to help kick off the weekend, the Brown EC and Committees host Fridays in the Quad! Filled with food, music, games, and drinks(for those 21+), FitQ is a great way to just hang out in the Quad as you pass by or for the whole afternoon. Sometimes, various committees also host FitQs, so you come down those days for extra fun and games.