The Quads

The Quads are not to be confused with the Quad or the Academic Quad. The term “Quads” refers to the new 4-floor wing of Brown built in 2002. The first floor of the Quads have 2 classrooms (rooms 145 and 146) that are often used by students to do group projects and work in study groups. The first floor also hosts the Private Dining Room, PDR or room 147, which is often used for larger meetings or group events. Finally, at the far end near the Commons, you can find the Coordinator’s office.

Single in the Quads.

The upper 3 floors of the quads are made up of 4-person suites. Each suite consists of a 16’x16′ common room connected to 4 singles and an attached bathroom. Each single comes with a bed, desk, and dresser set. Typically, upperclassmen live in the Quads.


The upper floors of the Quads also have two study cubbies on each floor with desks and whiteboards. These are the perfect size to do individual work. One of the second floor cubbies has been refurnished as a library with books and a small seating area. One of the third floor cubbies has been refurnished as a game room with a Wii and TV. These are both great places to relax and have fun!