The Quad

A beautiful view of the Quad.

The Quad is the large yard that is bordered by the Tower, the Quads, the Commons, and the Magister’s House. In the Quad, you can find a comfortable hammock to rest on, Nancy’s Tree surrounded by benches, a bench swing, sand-volleyball court, grills, and driveway-esque basketball court. Brown’s Quad is one of the most ideal setups because there is always something to do for everyone to do.

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Class Pictures are always taken in the Quad on Brown Day.

The Quad becomes a central part of the Brown community since many events happen here. On Fridays, you can enjoy our Fridays in the Quad, or FitQs, which are full of music, games, food, and friends. During Willy Week, there are always events happening here from water balloon filling to bouncy houses.