Reserve a Room

Click here to see the Brown Calendar

Follow  these instructions to reserve a room at Brown.

  1. Open your Google Calendar here, and make sure you are using your Rice email.
  2. Create an event, and in the side of the page you will see an “Add” column
  3. Here, select “Rooms, etc.” and find Brown College
  4. Select the room you would like to reserve, and you are set.

If you need any help, watch this video.

Note: If a room does not appear, then that room has already been reserved at that time. Also, all events on the Brown Calendar will be public, so please keep that in mind as you create events.


If you are reserving a facility not listed in the Google Calendar(i.e. Commons, Kitchen, etc.), follow this procedure:

  1. Email with the following information:
    1. Event Name
    2. Event Time
    3. Facility Desired
    4. Name of Brownie or Club vouching for event
    5. Can other people be in the commons at this time: Yes or No.

You will get a followup email that will confirm your reservation.

Click here to see the Brown Calendar.