Our Mission Statement:

Our mission for Brown O-Week 2018 is to help New Students during their adventure through Brown, Rice, and the Greater Houston community. They will begin by collecting academic and campus-wide resources and level up by forming new connections and embracing their diverse backgrounds. Together, they will create a warm and inviting community that they can take pride in. By the end of Super MariO-Week, New Students will be equipped to handle any shell that life throws at them.


Every August at Rice, the incoming class of students takes part in one of the most unique orientation programs in America: O-Week. This week-long experience not only will introduce our new students to the fundamentals of academics, Rice culture, and the culture of our home, Brown College, but also will serve as a ceremonious transition into life on our campus as proud Owls and Brownies. Though New Students will have much to learn within a short period of time, our amazing resources and campus leaders will ensure that they feel prepared for collegiate life and find their niche here in the Rice community. From a faculty that provides insightful guidance, to our handpicked advising team that acclimates our New Students to the new college environment, our future Owls and Brownies will have the tools they need by the end of the week to have an amazing start to a new chapter in their lives. No matter their respective backgrounds, we are so excited to welcome our new students to Rice University, Brown College, and Brown’s O-Week, Super MariO-Week!


Each residential college has a different O-Week theme, and Brown’s theme for 2018 is Super MariO-Week. Just like New Students, Mario is an adventurer. He braves metal pipes, evil man-eating plants, and flying turtles to explore multi-layered worlds, gaining new powers and experiences along the way. Most importantly, though, he makes friends and faces his fears. In a lot of ways, this video game franchise parallels the journeys of New Students here at Rice. In our mission statement, we highlight the importance of O-Week in establishing a strong foundation for New Students beginning their college adventures. Here, they’ll be exposed to a myriad of other perspectives and form everlasting bonds with which they may overcome any challenge or spiky turtle in their way.