José and I have been at Rice over 20 years.  We have taught courses, been advisors to the major, written articles and books, directed undergraduate theses and doctoral dissertations, and been magisters at Baker and Duncan Colleges. We are both Associate Professors in the Department of English. I am also the Associate Director of the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality. And José is the about to end his term (after nearly ten years) as Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese. He will continue as Director of the Latin American Studies major.  We’ve also raised two sons, Benito and Jesse. Benito just completed his third year at Rice and did a semester study abroad in Rio de Janeiro. He is a member of Baker College and is on Baker’s O-Week team.  Jesse just graduated from Lamar High School, and has been accepted to Rice!  He is still deciding whether he will enroll for next Fall or take a gap year.  I’m originally from Pueblo, Colorado, and grew up mainly in California. I have four sisters, mostly living in the Bay Area now, as is my mother, and nieces and nephews there, as well as here in Houston.  We go out  to California often. José was born and raised here in Houston. His parents and sister and brothers are frequent visitors to campus, especially around holidays.  Next year is our fifth year as Magisters at Brown, and we look forward to enjoying renovations in Brown’s Tower that are happening now!  There’s so much more to say about everything, so many amazing things just around the corner, but we’ll leave that for O-Week and beyond.


Krista & José