Hunter Capoccioni and his loyal sidekick Griffin are the RAs on the first floor of the Brown tower. Hunter himself was a Brownie at one time and is happy to tell you old Brown stories in an exaggerated old man voice at any time. Originally from Iowa (go Hawks!) Hunter moved back to Houston four years ago and after a short-stint of searching found his dream job at the Shepherd School of Music working in the administrative staff of the school. He completed his doctorate in music performance in 2015 from the University of Illinois and loves it when you call him “Doctor Capoccioni” or “Hunter”.  He also leads a double-live as a double-bassist and can sometimes be found playing gigs around Houston with various ensembles including the ballet and opera orchestras and doing a little teaching on the side. Hunter spends his free time thinking about and listening to music, reading about dead composers, cooking, or walking Griffin (note: you will see me doing this most often).

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